In the year 1620, Kumar Bikram Singh I, the third Maharaja Jagannath Singh, established the Seraikela state, which was merged with Bihar state after independence and ranked as subdivision merged with the boundaries of Kharsawan state. Later on the basis of territories act in 1950, 39 villages of Chandil, Nimdih and Tamar area were included into it.

Seraikela has become the “Mecca” for connoisseurs of music and dance. Here lies the citadel of world famous Chhau dance. The soil of Seraikela is vibrant with the rhythm of “Chhau” which fancied the imaginations of not only Indian art lovers, but also allured and captivated art lovers across the world, due to its grace unique charm and grandeur. Surrounded by lush green forests, hillocks, serpent like rivers and rivulets, Seraikela Town is situated on the bank of Kharkai River. The district has not only a rich cultural heritage but also has large deposits of minerals like Kyanite,Asbestos, quartz etc. and other valuable minerals.

The district also includes the Adityapur Industrial Area which is one of the biggest industrial areas in Asia. Its development in Bihar was lackadaisical but after formation of Jharkhand state it has been made a district and many development plans have been started to strengthen its economic structure. Titirbilla bridge on the road joining Seraikela Rajnagar, the bridge on Tikar River at Ichagarh, causeway at Shakha river outlines the developing steps of the district . The road joining the distant rural areas, blocks and district headquartes are being built. Tube wells , tanks and dams are being built for the source of drinking water and irrigation . The older canals are also being renovated . Ayurvedic medical college, Private engineering College, Hospitals and ITI for women are being planned to be established for its educational development. New development programs have been taken up in all eight blocks of the district. The government has announced the district as a tourist center as it has many historical and sightseeing places. The day is not very far off when Seraikela will become an important district and a center of tourist attraction .