Details of Schemes and Programs undertaken By Welfare department: -  

Scholarship: -

An amount Rs. 76,98,290/ has been distributed among 26769 ST Student of 10167000/ Class 1 to 10 for the Year 2001-2002 Distribution balance Rs. 2468710 is undergoing.  

An amount of 1039154/- has been distributed among 3279 students of class 1-10 against an allotment at Rs. 1981200 /- for 5509 SC students. Distribution of balance 942046/- undergoing.  

An amount of Rs.9,07,400/- distributed among 2561 other backward students out of which Rs.6,82,297/- have been distributed among 11750 students and rest amount is under distribution.

An allotment of Rs. 47,69,786/- has been received from the Govt. for the Scholarship of Colleges and Technical institutions out of which only Rs. 11,92,060/- has been distributed among 911 students and applications are collected against Rs.3577720/-  

For the children of the people employed in menial jobs and the students who carry on Study along with daily labors.  

An amount of 46600/- has been given to the Blocks for the distribution of scholarship to them. For handicapped students of class 1-10 Rs.80400/- has been distributed to labors.  

Supply of Garments

n the year 2001-2002 an amount of Rs.2,25, 000/- have been allotted under the head of garment supply and which has been fully unitized the garments have been supplied to 350 ST students and 100 SC students. 

Medical Assistance 

The ST/SC people who is suffering from Cancer, paralysis, T.B. etc. Diseases an amount of Rs.341700/- have been received for their medical treatments. The whole amount has been sub ? allotted to the blocks till now, an expenditure of an amount of Rs.30,200/- has been made to 31diseased people. Blocks have made rest distribution.

Intercaste Marriage

An amount of Rs.75000/- has been received undid this head. Fire application have been received which have been sent to related blocks to rarified and an approval will be given after verification.  

Legal aid Rs.12000/- has been allotted under this head. For ST students application have been received, report has been queried to diseases the grant applicant of relief to tormented people. 

Under this, for ST an amount of Rs.100200/-, for SC 19800 and for primitives tribes 6750/- as an allotment. No can has been wedged in any block.  

 Legal Aid  

Under the head of SC legal aid an amount of Rs.12000/- has been received. One application has been received so far and the report has been asked for it's disbursement.  

Relief fund due to ravages

Under this head an amount of Rs.1, 00,200/- for SC and amount of Rs. 1,98,000/- for ST and Rs.67,500/- for primitive tribe has been received. No block has reported any case so far.  

Income development scheme for primitive tribe  

An allotment of 35000/-has been received under this head. In which Jan Vikas Kendra, Jamshedpur, there benefits Chandil/ Nimdih block 12 families from primitive.??

Abolishment of dowry  

An allotment of Rs.50000/- has been received. The plan and programs are taken up to check wide ranged effect of the malpractice of dowry in society.

Basic infrastructure  

A school for blind students has been built up to estimation out of 6816000/- Rs. 2454700/- is allotted against each hostel of accommodation for 50 students for Kuchai, Seraikela and Chandil. Its construction work has been started. Hostel for ST girl students also is being built up in Seraikela. Workshop for Handicapped students has to be arranged by the NGO'S.