Welcome to Chhau Kala Kendra

In Seraikella Style of Chhau “Mask” is the centre of attraction. Vachikabhinaye (Dramatic Expression through speech) is absent, glances are eliminated, but expression of the “Bhava” through movement of the limbs, mime and body language in Seraikella Chhau is unique. The style postures movement and foorwork conform to the positive martial art form bestowed with grace. Chhau is a colourful, vigorous dance form which originated in ancient times as a martial art form(sword & shield) parikhanda (parimeans shield means-khanda means sword).
Though nurtured, enriched in the natural Surrounding of Seraikella, the dance evolving from the martial art (parikhanda) in long course of history, assimilated all the salient features of or classical dance.

‘’ There is a very old Oriya Saying ‘’

“ Kharswan ro jatraghat,Brahamuni Ghati ro Pata, Kera ro Kalikaghata Seraikella ro Nato. ‘’

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